arbi roast recipe, how to make arbi roast or arbi fry recipe

arbi roast colocasia roast fry

arbi roast recipe with step by step photos – a south indian style colocasia or taro root roast recipe.

whenever i make sambar, i always make a side veggie dish like poriyal, thoran or a roast. in fact a roast from any veggie is easy to prepare. usually i make mushroom roastpotato roast and this arbi roast.

this no onion no garlic arbi recipe is easy to prepare. the only time taken is in rinsing the taro roots, steaming and peeling them. once this done, the rest of the recipe is quick. to make this recipe gluten free, skip asafoetida.

serve arbi roast as a side dish with a main course of sambar-rice, rasam-rice or even dal-rice. this simple arbi dish will also goes well with some soft chapatis accompanied by some curd or raita.

lets start step by step arbi roast recipe:

1. first rinse 250 grams arbi/colocasia roots very well in running water. then drain and steam them in a pressure cooker or electric cooker or a steamer till they are softened. the taro roots should be cooked completely, buy not mushy. if cooking in a pressure cooker, then cook for 2 to 3 whistles. to check doneness, a knife should easily slid in the taro roots.

arbi, colocasia roots

2. peel them once they become warm.

peeled arbi

3. slice them into rounds.

sliced arbi

4. heat 2.5 tbsp oil in a frying pan. lower the flame. add 1 tsp mustard seeds and crackle them.

making arbi roast masala

5. then add 1 to 2 broken dry red chilies, 7 to 8 curry leaves and a generous pinch of asafoetida. stir and saute for half a minute or till the chilies change color.

making arbi roast masala

6. add the sliced arbi.

add arbi

7. stir very well.

stir arbi

8. sprinkle ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp red chili powder and ½ tsp sambar powder. if you don’t have sambar powder, then add ¼ tsp coriander powder and ¼ tsp garam masala powder.

spices for arbi roast recipe

9. add 1 tbsp rice flour. if you don’t have rice flour, then skip it.

rice flour for arbi roast recipe

10. stir again very well so that the spice powders and rice flour are evenly mixed.

stir arbi roast

11. add salt as required.

salt for arbi roast recipe

12. stir again and on a low flame, roast the arbi roots till they get start getting crisp and golden. turn over and roast the other side too.

making arbi roast recipe

13. here the colocasia roots are done. i cooked for about 10 minutes on a low flame, turning each arbi slice at intervals for even roasting and browning.

arbi roast, arbi roast recipe

14. this step is optional and only if you like coriander leaves. sprinkle 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves and stir. if you like a little tang, then add 1 tsp lime juice or dry mango powder and stir well.

coriander for arbi roast recipe

15. serve arbi roast with sambar-rice, rasam-rice or dal-rice.

arbi roast recipe

if you are looking for more arbi recipes then do check dahi arbi, arbi cutlet, arbi curry, sukhi arbi and arbi tikki recipe.

arbi roast recipe below:

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