beetroot chutney recipe, how to make beetroot chutney recipe

beetroot chutney recipe with step by step photos – tasty chutney made with beetroot for idli and dosa.

beetroot chutney recipe, how to make beetroot chutney recipe

this is a vibrant colored chutney thanks to the reddish-pink hues coming from the beets. the colorful chutney looks attractive and tastes good too.

the chutney does tastes sweet with some heat coming from the green chilies. though the sweet taste is not like a sugary sweet taste, but a mellowed sweet taste. the typical aroma and taste of beets is not felt in this chutney. lentils, coconut and some herbs add in a lot of their flavors.

i have used fresh grated coconut in the recipe. desiccated coconut can be used, if you do not have fresh coconut.

do try this beetroot chutney and you will like it. with idlis and dosa, this chutney tastes good. though you can also have it as a side dish with chapatis or parathas.

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beetroot chutney recipe card below:

how to make beetroot chutney recipe:

1. rinse, peel and grate 1 large beetroot (150 grams). you will need 1 cup grated beetroot.

beetroot for beetroot chutney recipe

2. heat a pan and add ½ tablespoon sesame oil. let the oil become hot and then lower the flame. add 1 teaspoon urad dal and 1 teaspoon chana dal.

dal for beetroot chutney recipe

3. saute stirring often on a low flame.

dal for beetroot chutney recipe

4. saute till both the lentils become golden. do not burn them.

dals for beetroot chutney recipe

5. then add the grated beetroot. stir and mix well.

beetroot for beetroot chutney recipe

6. now add 1 to 2 chopped green chilli, 6 to 7 curry leaves and a generous pinch of asafoetida.

green chilli for making beetroot chutney recipe

7. mix well and saute on a low flame till the raw aroma of the beetroot goes away.

making beetroot chutney recipe

8. overall saute for 5 to 6 minutes on a low flame. keep on stirring often while sauteing.

preparing beetroot chutney recipe

9. switch off the flame and add ⅓ cup grated coconut. mix very well.

coconut for preparing beetroot chutney recipe

10. when the mixture becomes warm, take it in a grinder jar. add salt as per taste.

preparing beetroot chutney recipe

11. add ⅓ to ½ cup water and grind to a smooth chutney.

preparing beetroot chutney recipe

12. remove all the chutney in a bowl. keep aside.

beetroot chutney recipe

13. heat 1 to 2 teaspoons sesame oil in the same pan, in which the beetroots were sauteed. add ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and let them crackle.

making beetroot chutney recipe

14. then add 4 to 5 curry leaves/kadi patta and a pinch of asafoetida/hing. mix well and then switch off the flame.

making beetroot chutney recipe

15. pour the tempering mixture in the ground beetroot chutney. mix very well.

beetroot chutney recipe

16. serve beetroot chutney with idli or dosa. the leftover chutney can be refrigerated and stays good for 2 to 3 days in the fridge.

beetroot chutney

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