Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

Why not make chocolate chips cake this Diwali and warn everybody and make them happy to a fullest?

You might consider creation this will be time immoderate and we will need many ingredients. But, this recipe is not formidable during all. Cakes are disdainful for Christmas. But, when it is a chocolate chips cake, we don’t have to see a occasion.

And when it comes to Diwali, we wish a best sweetmeat in your house, don’t you? So, because not make chocolate chips cake this Diwali and lighten adult a frolic further?

Have a demeanour during a reduction compulsory and a finish procession below.

Serves – 4 cupcakes

Preparation Time – 20 minutes

Cooking Time – 50 minutes


1. White Chocolate – 170 grams (roughly chopped)

2. Dark Chocolate Chips – 50 grams

3. Butter – 25 grams

4. Castor Sugar – 70 grams

5. Eggs – 2

6. Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp

7. Refined Flour – 40 grams

8. Salt – a pinch

9. Cocoa Powder – for dusting


1. Take a play and supplement butter in it. Add castor sugarine and with a palm blender, we should brew these dual reduction well.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali 

2. You are going to need melted white chocolate for this recipe. So, warp it in a microwave. In between, supplement one egg into a butter and sugarine mixture. Again, brew all well. Keep a play aside.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

3. Now, take out a melted white chocolate from a x-ray and stir it well. Keep it aside. Again go behind to a egg reduction we prepared before. Use a palm blender again and brew a reduction well.

4. Now, supplement a second egg into a reduction and brew it well. When it is done, brew it easily and flow a melted chocolate into a mixture.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

5. Again brew with your hands. Add some vanilla essence. Take a tiny play and supplement polished flour along with dim chocolate chips. Add it to a batter. Don’t forget to supplement a splash of salt.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

6. Now, it’s time to brew a beat by regulating a cut-and-fold method. Your beat is now ready. Take a tray and put a baking cups on it.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

7. Grease any crater with butter. Take cocoa powder into a cover and widespread it throughout. Dust a rest of a powder into a bowl. Prepare any cover like this.

8. Now, fill 3/4th of a moulds with a batter. You should pre-heat your oven during 200 grade Celsius. Bake your cake accurately for 14 minutes.

Chocolate Chips Cake For Diwali

9. When your cake is ready, take it out from a oven and concede it to rest for 2-3 mins before demoulding.

10. Now, solemnly demould your cupcakes and place them on a portion tray.

When we will offer it prohibited to your guests, they will consider it to be a normal cupcake during first. And when they puncture into it, a fiery chocolate will fascinate them. How celestial does that sound!

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