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Foods are a best partial of any festival, right? After all, Christmas is so special to all since of cakes and pastries and devising Diwali though ‘Ghee ke Laddu’ and ‘Barfis’ is impossible.

Though Durga Puja and Navratri don’t have anything special in a bag, any form of special and initial dishes and desserts can be done during this time to boost a gratifying mood.

Usually, people cite to buy candy from shops during Durga Puja, though creation something during home is always special, isn’t it?

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That’s because we’ve common this special Dates and Apple Kheer recipe with we today. This is an easy preparation, that can be offering to Goddess Durga as well.

So, review on to know about a mixture compulsory and a process of preparation.

Serves – 2

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


• Apple – ¾th crater (diced with skin)

• Sugar – 1 tsp

• Water – 1 cup

• Low-fat divert – 2 cups

• Corn Flour – 2 tsp

• Dates – ¼th crater (chopped)

• Sugar Substitute – 2 tsp

For Garnishing

• Walnuts – ¼th crater (finely chopped)


1. Take a deep-bottomed non-stick vessel and supplement apples into it. Pour H2O into it and supplement sugar.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

2. Let a apple prepare for a few minutes. As apples don’t take most time to be cooked, we don’t need to wait for long.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

3. Cook apples for 5-7 mins to spin soft. Stir occasionally. When, we see that a apples have been cooked, mislay a vessel from a oven. Keep apples a small bit crunchy, so that it adds a covering to your taste.

4. Now, take another non-stick kadhai and supplement divert into it.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

5. Take out ½ crater divert and cold it down. Add corn flour into it and brew it well. Let it disintegrate well.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

6. You don’t need to boil divert most as we customarily do while creation normal kheer. When we see it hot for a initial time, brew a corn flour brew into it. Stir while blending it, so that no lumps are formed. Now, supplement dates into a divert and stir continuously. Also, try to pound a dates with a assistance of a ladle, so that a aroma of a dates mixes good with a milk. Cook it on low-medium fire for 5-10 mins and stir non-stop.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

7. Now, spin off a gas oven and let a kheer be cooled off. Take it into a play and supplement apples and sugarine surrogate into it. Mix all well.

Navratri Special: Dates  Apple Kheer

8. Now, take a pleasing portion play and flow a kheer into it. Garnish it with walnuts. Serve a dessert cold to have a best taste.

 Cook it on low-medium fire for 5-10 mins and stir non-stop.

You are prepared with a dates and kheer recipe. Even if we have diabetic family members or friends, they can also suffer it though any hesitation.

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