Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe [Video]

Diwali seems reduction charming and splendid if we don’t have sparkling desserts on this occasion. Motichur ke laddu, Kaju Katli, Besan ke Laddu, etc., are many common honeyed dishes that are prepared in each household. 

To make your Diwali jubilee disdainful and special, privately for kids, we can try chocolate candy this year. Instead of a required laddus and barfis, if we give a chocolaty turn to those, people will adore we and appreciate we for creation their frolic even some-more special.

Today, we will be pity a chocolate barfi recipe that we could try to prepared on Diwali.

Serves – 4
Preparation Time – 10 minutes
Cooking Time – 30 minutes

1. Unsalted Butter – 55 grams (melted)
2. Powdered Sugar – 25 grams
3. Crushed Biscuits – 15
4. Salt – a pinch
5. Condensed Milk – 125 ml
6. Desiccated Coconut – 40 grams
7. Chocolate Chips – 125 grams
8. Mixed Nuts – 50 grams (chopped)

1. Before starting a procession of barfi, we should take a play and brew dejected biscuits, powdered sugarine and salt altogether. Keep it aside.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

2. Don’t forget to pre-heat a oven during 180 grade Celsius while we are blending a ingredients. Now, take a large play and supplement a melted butter into it.

3. Add a biscuit reduction into it. Then, brew a dejected biscuits into a melted butter well. Take a baking tray and put a reduction into it. Remember, we should not douse a baking tray.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

4. Flatten it good with a spatula. Take a coconut and shower it over a biscuit mixture. Make an even covering with coconut. Now, widespread a chocolate chips over it evenly.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

5 Then, it’s time to supplement a precipitated milk. Pour it from a tip and make a layer.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

6. For a final bit, supplement churned nuts on top. Bake this for 20 to 30 mins and cut in a figure of barfis.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

7. Your chocolate barfis are prepared to be served.

Isn’t a recipe too simple, and it takes small time to complete. It is also healthy, as it contains lots of nuts and coconuts.

Diwali Special: Chocolate Barfi Recipe

When your kids are tired after lighting a crackers and using all around on Diwali, benefaction them these barfis and see how their eyes will light up.
Wish we all a really happy Diwali!!

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