Easy Steps To Prepare Potato Wafers

When we have your dusk tea with your family, crispy snacks can be prepared to suffer any sip of a beverage. Instead of shopping quick food equipment from the market, because don’t we try creation something during home?

That is why, today, we are pity with we this extraordinary recipe of a potato wafers.

Try creation this during home to suffer your family gupshups with a good crater of coffee/tea. Your kids would certainly ask for more, once they get to ambience these potato wafers.

Serves – 6 people 

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Cooking time – 10 minutes


1. Potatoes – 4 (peeled)

2. Oil for low frying

3. Salt as per taste


• Take a slicer. You can select any pattern to make your potato wafers demeanour interesting. Slice a peeled potatoes.

Easy Steps To Prepare Potato Wafers

• Turn on a stove and feverishness a kadai with oil for deep-frying. When your oil is seething hot, solemnly supplement a potato slices we have prepared.

Easy Steps To Prepare Potato Wafers

• Now, grill a potatoes compartment they turn golden brownish-red in colour. You can mislay it during that stage; or if we wish those to become dark, grill it some more.

• When done, take off a wafers into a kitchen towel, so that additional oil is engrossed completely.

Easy Steps To Prepare Potato Wafers

• Sprinkle salt and brew well. When we offer a potato wafers cold, they will be some-more crispier.

Easy Steps To Prepare Potato Wafers

Your potato wafers are ready. Make certain a potato slices don’t hang to any other while frying. And suffer your dusk tea time with these elementary potato wafers

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