Gajar Kheer Recipe For Krishnashtami

Janmashtami is a birthday of Lord Krishna and it is distinguished with good unrestrained via a country. On this day, he is not a savior of a world, not a wanton politician of a Mahabharata, even not a destroyer of a immorality king, Kansa.

On Janmashtami, he is a disobedient small child of your domicile who is lustful of new clothes, candy and ornaments on his birthday. To offer honeyed plate to ‘Bal Gopal’, try special carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami this year.

Carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami is ideal to emanate a gratifying mood for a occasion. This is such kind of abounding dessert that tastes overwhelming and everybody will like it a lot.

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Not usually for Janmashtami, though we can make this carrot kheer during occasions like Diwali or Holi or during any other occasions and festival. Carrot kheer is opposite from normal ‘Gajar ka Halwa’. How to make a special carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami?

You will need carrot and sugarine for carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami. But, there are some other reduction also we are going to need for this appetizing dessert. Carrot kheer is one of a renouned desserts of South India and it is famous as Carrot payasam there. Read on to know a carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami.

carrot kheer recipe for janmashtami

Serves- 4

Preparation Time- 15 minutes

Cooking Time- 30 minutes


1. Carrots- 2 crater (grated)

2. Ghee- 2 tbsp

3. Milk- 3 ¼ cups

4. Sugar- 1 cup

5. Condensed Milk- 2 tbsp

6. Water- ¼ cup

7. Cashew Nuts- 5-6 (broken into pieces)

8. Almonds- 5-6 (broken into pieces)

9. Raisins- 10 (optional)

10. Pistachios- 5-6 (broken into pieces)

11. Saffron- few strands

12. Cardamom Powder- ¼ tsp

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1. Wash carrots good and flay off it clearly.

2. Now, abrade carrots or we can grub it coarsely in food processor.

3. Take a low bottomed vessel and feverishness ghee over middle flame.

4. Fry all nuts and raisins in ghee and keep those separate.

5. Pour ghee again and feverishness it a bit. Now, supplement grated carrots into it and stir invariably for 5 minutes.

6. Now, supplement divert and let a reduction boil over middle flame.

7. When a reduction starts boiling, supplement sugarine and precipitated milk. Mix all good and let it be baked over middle low fire for 5-6 minutes. Stir occasionally.

8. When a reduction gets thick, supplement cardamom powder and put off a flame. Let it come during room temperature.

9. Garnish kheer with saffron strands.

You are prepared with special carrot kheer recipe for Janmashtami. While creation a dessert, we should take caring of adding sugar. Condensed divert is already sweet, so supplement sugarine carefully. Also, don’t forget to stir a kheer continuously; differently it will bake from bottom and a ambience will be ruined. To make it creamier, we can supplement khoya while adding divert to grated carrots.

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