Ghiya Barfi Recipe For Janmashtami

Like each year, people are scheming to applaud Lord Krishna’s birthday, Janmashtami, with resplendence and vigour. Women keep quick for a contentment of their kids and they ready several forms of dishes for their dear ones and to mangle their fast.

It is pronounced that Lord Krishna likes honeyed dishes a most, so opposite forms of barfi recipes can be done to offer to a Lord. Ghiya or lauki ka barfi for Krishna Janmashtami is an overwhelming choice to try for this occasion.

Do we know how to make ghiya barfi recipe for Janmashtami? The recipe is really simple. If we wish to make ghiya or lauki ka barfi for Krishna Janmashtami to warn your family, we can try a easy recipe given below.

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The recipe is also nutritive for we and your kids as well. Ghiya or lauki is a fat-free unfeeling that can keep we fit and fine. It contains vitamin C and other nutrients.

Besides, divert is used here that is a source of calcium when a dry fruits are a source of appetite and healthy metabolism.

While following a ghiya barfi recipe for Janmashtami this year, we are also holding caring of your family’s health. So,how to make ghiya or lauki ka barfi for Krishna Janmashtami? Keep reading!

Ghiya Barfi Recipe for Janmashtami

Serves – 4
Preparation Time – 20 minutes
Cooking Time – 20 minutes


1. Bottle Gourd (Ghiya/Lauki) – 2 cups (grated)

2. Ghee – ¼th cup

3. Milk – 1 cup

4. Khoya – 1 ½ cups

5. Green Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp

6. Cloves – 2

7. Sugar – 2 cups

8. Mixed Nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts) – ½ crater (chopped)

9. Grated Coconut – ½ cup

10. Chironjee (Sunflower seeds) – 1 tbsp

11. Magaz (Melon Seeds) – 1tsp


1. Peel off a ghiya and mislay a seeds.

2. Take a grater and abrade a ghiya finely.

3. Heat a wok and flow ghee in it. Now, supplement cloves and cardamom and also a grated ghiya in it.

4. Cook until a ghee starts to apart from a ghiya.

5. Add coconut and again stir for a few seconds.

6. Add in a boiled divert and sugarine in it and brew all well.

7. Add khoya and chopped nuts and ready until a whole reduction leaves a sides of a pan. It should spin totally gummy and dry.

8. Now, take a prosaic tray and douse it good with ghee. Spread a reduction uniformly on a tray and let it cool.

9. Now, cut it in a figure of a barfi and ornament it with chironjee, magaz and other nuts.

10. Refrigerate it for that good taste.

Isn’t ghiya barfi recipe for Janmashtami super easy to prepare? You can offer this to one and all and give us your feedback.

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