Healthy Fattoush Salad Recipe

Once we ambience fattoush, we will know how wrong we were. Making it is indeed really elementary and we need elementary mixture for this plate as well. Here are a mixture and finish recipe of a fattoush salad.

The name is utterly interesting, right? Actually, it is a Middle Eastern plate of salad done of tomatoes, cucumber, olives and lots of other vegetables.

The combined enjoyment of this singular salad plate is a croutons of pita bread, that creates it opposite from other salad recipes. If we are on a diet and would wish to remove some additional pounds, a collect really would be fattoush.

how to make fattoush salad

So, review on for a finish recipe.

Serves – 6

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Making Time – 10 minutes

how to make fattoush salad


1. Lettuce – 1 crater (chopped)

2. Tomato – 1 (chopped)

3. Red Onion – 1 (chopped)

4. Green Pepper – 1 (sliced)

5. Cucumber – 1 (chopped)

how to make fattoush salad

6. Mint Leaves – ¼th cup

7. Radish – 1 (chopped)

8. Sumac – 1 tbsp

9. Lemon Juice – ¼th cup

10. Olive Oil – ¼th cup

how to make fattoush salad

11. Pomegranate Syrup – ½ cup

12. Pita Bread – 2

13. Cucumber – 2 (diced)

14. Salt as per taste

how to make fattoush salad


1. Take a large play and supplement all a vegetables to it.

2. Add belligerent sumac and salt. Now, supplement pomegranate syrup, olive oil and lemon juice.

how to make fattoush salad

3. Then, brew all a mixture good and offer into a salad bowl. Add croutons of pita bread and tip it with pomegranate syrup and lemon juice.

4. Your fattoush salad is prepared to be served.

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