How To Prepare The Delicious Malabari Paratha

The Malabari Parantha or Kerala Parotta is a flakey bread with layers. It is done with polished flour and oil as a categorical ingredients. Though a recipe originated in a state of Kerala, it is desired and relished all over India. Malabari Parantha is substantially one of a favourite breads systematic during a grill that specializes in South Indian food.

Now, we do not need to go to a grill to have some Malabari Paratha. The recipe is elementary and easy. The recipe calls for usually 4 mixture that are simply accessible in any pantry. It will take a small use and some calm to make a ideal Kerala Parotta, though we can be certain that a finish outcome will be all value it.

Without any some-more ado, let’s learn how to ready a tasty Malabari Paratha.

 Delicious Malabari Paratha Recipe

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Serves -3

Cooking Time – 30 minutes

Preparation time- 20 minutes


Refined flour/ Maida – we cup

Oil – 3-4 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Water -1 cup

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Take a vast blending play and supplement a polished flour, salt and one tablespoon oil in it.Add H2O small by small to emanate a lax dough.

Now, send a mix on to your kitchen tip and keep kneading a mix until all a dampness is absorbed. The mix gets unequivocally elastic and rubbery by now. Rest a mix for 10 to 15 minutes.

Divide a mix into equal portions.Now, take one of a balls and place it on a oiled kitchen counter-top. Flatten it into a skinny hoop with your fingers and a bread roller.

Now, overlay a flattened mix to resemble that of a palm fan. Then hurl it into a disc.Set a front aside and repeat a routine for a rest of a mix portions.

Now, take one of a discs and hurl it into a thick chapati. Do not use most force or we might risk losing a layers in a Malabari Paratha.

Take a thick paratha and put it on a prohibited tawa.Roast both a sides until golden brownish-red in colour.Add a small oil and fry it until it turns crispy.

Remove a Paratha on to a kitchen counter-top. Now, use a kitchen towel to flint a Malabari Paratha to exhibit all a poetic layers.

Serve a Malabari Paratha with korma or gravy of your choice.

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