Kids Favourite: Chocolate Paratha Recipe

The many formidable charge for mothers is to feed their kids. And roughly any mom would determine with this statement.

You would have attempted many tricks to make your child eat those tiny rotis or dosas. We know a pain and how it feels when your kids move behind their lunch boxes unemptied.

So, here’s some service for all of you, as we have an easy and juicy chocolate paratha recipe that your kids will certainly finish during one go! As mentioned, a categorical part is chocolate and we all know that kids adore to taste on some chocolate often.

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This is a elementary procession that tastes unequivocally good. Also, it is one of a best ways to make your kids eat healthy food. Most relatives trust that chocolate might spoil a teeth of their children.

However, chocolate has many health advantages when consumed occasionally.

So, because wait, have a demeanour during how to ready this elementary and juicy chocolate paratha recipe.

Paratha recipes

Serves – 4
Cooking time – 15 minutes
Preparation time – 10 minutes


  • Chocolate pulp – 1 cup
  • Atta – 3 cups
  • Oil
  • Salt

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