Lose Weight With This Awesome Fruit Salad Honey Chilli Recipe

Are we on a goal to spin slimmer? Then, we need a diet that is healthy though fat-free. Fruit salad is an overwhelming choice for that. If we don’t like to have any sold fruit any day, a play of fruit salad is a thing we should fill adult on.

And to make things some-more function and yummy, we’ve common this singular recipe of fruit salad with a twist. What is a spin we ask?

Well, a spin is in a sauce of sugar and chilli. Wow, now that certain sounds yummmm… All you’ve got to do is to review on serve for a minute recipe.

Serves – One bowl

Preparation Time – 20 minutes


1. Pineapple – ½ crater (peeled and chopped)

2. Orange – 1 (medium sized)

3. Pear – 1 (medium sized)

4. Walnuts – ¼th crater (crushed)

5. Lollo Rosso Lettuce Leaves – 4

For The Honey Chilli Dressing:

6. Honey – 2 tbsp

7. Lemon Zest – 1 tsp

8. Red Chilli – 1

9. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

10. Black Peppercorns as per taste

11. Salt to taste


1. Take a red chilli and massage it in between your palms. This will disencumber adult a seeds. Cut a chilli from a finish and mislay all a seeds to make it reduction spicy.

Go Slim With Fruits  Honey Dressing

2. Chop a chilli finely and send it into a bowl. Add sugar into it. Add lemon liking and lemon extract into it and supplement salt and dejected black peppers into it. Now, brew all well.

Go Slim With Fruits  Honey Dressing

3. Heat adult a vessel and toast walnuts. When they are toasted well, spin off a gas. Cut pineapple, pear, apple and orange into tiny pieces, as per your preference.

Go Slim With Fruits  Honey Dressing

4. Take all a fruits into a large play and supplement a sauce you’d prepared earlier. Toss all well.

Go Slim With Fruits  Honey Dressing

5. Take a portion image and arrange lettuce on it. Arrange fruits on it and finally ornament it with some toasted walnuts.Your juicy fruit salad with a sugar and chilli sauce is prepared to be served.

Go Slim With Fruits  Honey Dressing

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