Papaya Halwa Recipe For Krishna Janmashtami

In India, there are multitudes of eremite occasions and Krishna Janmashtami is one of a many famous that is distinguished via a country. Every arise is opposite from a other and this disproportion is done by a special food items, associated to these occasions.

You can’t suppose Diwali though laddoos and barfis; Holi will be dull though thandai. Likewise, Janmashtami is distinguished with lots of honeyed dishes. Papaya halwa recipe for Krishna Janmashtami is one of those implausible delicacies to make a festival awesome.

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Usually, papaya will not be counted on a favourite list of limit people, generally in box of children. If we wish to make them have papaya though revelation them, they will suffer a object a lot.

With easy papaya halwa recipe, we can make Janmashtami special this year. You will need almost developed papaya for papaya halwa recipe for Krishna Janmashtami to make it ambience better. But, developed papaya will also do.

In that case, we have to be clever about regulating sugarine as developed papaya is honeyed in taste. As we keep quick on Janmashtami, this dessert will be a smashing choice to have. Do we know a papaya halwa recipe for Krishna Janmashtami? Follow a easy papaya halwa recipe and make a arise some-more vibrant:

Papaya Halwa Recipe for Krishna Janmashtami

Serves: 6

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes


1. Papaya – 5 cups (coarsely grated)

2. Ghee – 3 to 4 tbsp

3. Rice Flour – 2 tsp

4. Sugar – 5-6 tbsp (adjust it according to a benevolence of papaya)

5. Green Cardamom – 5

6. Mixed Nuts – ¼ crater (chopped)

7. Other Dry Fruits (raisins, munakka, figs, etc.) – 2 tbsp (optional)

8. Khoya/Condensed Milk – 2 tbsp

These are a elementary reduction for easy papaya halwa recipe. Now, follow a procession of papaya halwa recipe for Krishna Janmashtami:

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1. Rinse a papaya good and mislay a skin.

2. Now, cut it and mislay all a seeds and pith.

3. With a assistance of a grater, abrade a papaya slices. You can use a food processor, though make certain not to pulp it too smooth.

4. Take a deep-bottomed vessel and feverishness ghee.

5. Add churned nuts and other dry fruits into it and sauté a small bit.

6. Keep those aside.

7. Add some some-more ghee and flow grated papaya into it.

8. Cook on middle fire and we will see a papaya releasing a juice.

9. Add ½ tsp rice flower so that it can catch a extract and make a coherence thick.

10. Stir invariably to forestall lumps from forming.

11. The reduction will remove opacity. Now, supplement sugar, khoya/condensed divert according to taste.

12. Cook offer on low flame.

13. Soon, a ghee will be distant from it.

14. Add churned nuts and prepare for another 5 minutes.

15. Your halwa is prepared to serve.

16. Garnish it with chopped nuts and petals of roses.

While following a papaya halwa recipe for Krishna Janmashtami, we should be really clever about stirring. Stir a reduction continuously; differently it can get burnt during a bottom. To make it reduction rich, we can use oil to make a halwa. It is loyal that khoya or precipitated divert can make a recipe creamier, but, if we don’t wish it to be really complicated and sweet, we can equivocate it too.

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