Ramzan Special: ABC Juice To Break The Ramzan Fast

It is a holy month of Ramzan. It is a month that is spent on loyalty and self-reflection by a Muslims all over a world. The fasting is eager to contend a least.

The tellurian physique needs essential nourishment to be in an glorious condition. During a fast, it is deprived of these. So, it is required to keep in mind to embody dishes that are abounding in these essential nutrients.
The food contingency be healthy and refreshing.

It contingency be something that helps we refuel yourself after a tough quick and also should pep we adult for a subsequent day’s fast.

ABC Juice To Break The Ramzan Fast

Today, we move to we a splash that is really nutritious. It is also really healthy. What is more, it is also immensely delicious. The recipe we have for we teaches we how to make a famous ABC juice.
It is done adult of 3 opposite ingredients, any of that contributes heavily to your well-being. “A” stands for apples, “B” for banana and “C” is for carrots.

Some people also reinstate a B of a banana with ‘beetroots’. No matter what we choose, a outcome is a healthy and juicy splash that will assistance kick-start a finish of your fast.
Read on to know how to make a renouned ABC juice. Try a recipe during home and let us know how a ABC extract was.

Serves- 2

Cooking time- 10 minutes

Preperation time- 15 minutes

Apple – 1
Ripe and vast banana – 1
Carrot middle sized – 1
Sugar or sugarine – As per taste
Water – 1 cup
Ice cubes – 4 or 5


  • Peel a apple and mislay a core. Now, clout it into tiny pieces.
  • Peel a carrot and clout it into tiny pieces as well.
  • Peel a banana and clout it roughly into tiny pieces.
  • If regulating a mixer millstone or a blender, supplement a chopped bananas, apples and a carrots into a jar.
  • Add a few cubes of ice.
  • Pour in a H2O and mix a reduction until smooth.
  • Add a sugarine and mix good again. You might use sugarine if we wish to make a extract healthier.
  • Sieve a juice, regulating a excellent sieve, to apart a pap from a juice. The pap contains critical fibre, that is good for your body. It also helps we feel full faster. Therefore, we might select to leave a pap in instead of stealing it by sieving.
  • If we are regulating a juicer, we do not need to use a water. Just supplement a pieces of a fruit into a juicer and get uninformed stimulating juice. If you’re regulating this method, we will need to supplement sugar/honey or ice after we have a juice.
  • Remember not to leave a extract out for too long, as it might change colour. Though ideally healthy even with a colour change, it won’t be as appealing.

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