Ramzan Special: Dates And Nuts Ladoo

Ramzan is only around a corner. Ramzan is distinguished in the
ninth month of a year. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad gave
out a initial oration of a Quran during this month. The month of
Ramzan is spent in loyalty of a mind.

People balance their mind and physique towards spirituality during this
month. Muslims attend a devout discourses and reason get
together for friends and family. The holy month of Ramzan calls for
devotion, fasting and food that is done to mangle a discerning every

Ramzan Ifthar food is especially done adult of abounding and delicious
items. The food is typically abounding in calories, as it is compulsory to
keep adult appetite during a eager fasting period. But a food
that is used to mangle a discerning mostly is of a low calorie and
easily eatable type.

how to ready ladoo

The thought is to feast food that is not tough on a body, which
has been carnivorous of nourishment for a prolonged duration of time. The food
needs to be high in nourishment and contingency refuel a needs of the
body. Traditionally, dry dates and H2O were used to mangle the
fast. These days, fruit juices, uninformed and dry fruits have become
the norm.

It is also critical that a food used to mangle a discerning must
be easy and discerning to ready too. The women folk who grind in the
kitchen to ready a Iftar feast need an easy approach to refuel
themselves before stability their preparation.

Today, we have an easy and discerning plate for you, dear ladies. This
dish can be done with dates and nuts that were traditionally used
to mangle a fast. The process mentioned here uses a microwave
oven, creation it easier to ready this dish.

You can make this recipe regulating a stove too. It is sugarine free
and fat free, so creation it healthy for even a elderly.


  • Pitted Dates – 20 large
  • Chopped churned dry fruits (kismis, cashew, badam, pista) – 1
  • Dessicated coconut


  • Take a microwaveable tray and supplement a chopped nuts. Roast the
    nuts for dual mins on high flame. Stir in between to fry the
    nuts evenly.
  • Now, supplement a pitted dates to a same tray and feverishness them for
    another 30 to 40 seconds or until they spin soft.
  • Take a tray out and supplement a dessicated coconut.
  • Blend a reduction for a integrate of mins when a mixture
    cools down a little.
  • Take a blended reduction out on a tray. Use your hands to
    take tiny portions of a mixture. Mould them into little
  • Roll these balls in dessicated coconut for a gratifying look.
  • You can also supplement chocolate chips, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds
    or peanuts to a ladoos.

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