Shivratri Vrat Recipe: Banana Salad

Shivratri is one of a biggest festivals in India that is commemorated in each state differently. But, a trace is a same, that is to keep a quick and ceremony Lord Shiva.

On Shivratri, people have usually certain dishes like fruits during a vrat. Banana is one such fruit that can yield we plenty appetite during your fasting period.

Today, we shall be pity with we this easy banana salad recipe that would not take most time in preparation. All we need are a few elementary ingredients. Take a look.

Serves – 4

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

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1. Bananas – 2 (chopped)

2. Mint leaves – ¼th cup

3. Fresh spread – ¾th crater (whipped)

4. Sugar – 2 tsp

5. Salt as per taste

6. Ground peppers as per taste

7. Lemon extract – a few drops

8. Cucumber – ½ crater (roughly chopped)

9. Peanuts – 1 tbsp (roasted and crushed)

10. Dill leaves – ½ tbsp (finely chopped)

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1. Take whisked spread into a large play and supplement packet leaves. Add sugar, salt and peppers into it. Mix all well. Keep it aside.

Shivratri Vrat Recipe: Banana Salad

2. Now, take another play and start scheming a categorical salad. Take chopped bananas in a play and shower a bit lemon extract into it.

Shivratri Vrat Recipe: Banana Salad

3. Add chopped cucumber, salt, peanuts and chopped dill leaves into it. Now, supplement a spread sauce into a bowl.

4. Then, toss all a mixture well.

Shivratri Vrat Recipe: Banana Salad

Your banana salad is ready. On Shivratri, this can be a smashing plate to have. This salad will keep we feeling full for prolonged and also assistance we sojourn active during your fast.

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