Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

Often we feel so idle that we don’t wish to get adult and make something elaborate and formidable for dusk break or breakfast. You demeanour for certain recipes that are juicy and take small time to make. Semolina pancake is one such recipe that we can ready within moments. Whether for Sunday breakfast, or to container lunch for your kids and husband, this recipe will always save we on your idle day.

It is not usually tasty, it is also healthy as it includes semolina, spread and lots of vegetables. You can have it with chutney or try it with fruit raita.

Serves – 14 (mini pancakes)

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 15 minutes

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1. Semolina – 2 cups

2. Yogurt – ¾ cup

3. Cabbage – ½ crater (finely chopped)

4. Carrots – ½ crater (grated)

5. Coriander – ¼ crater (finely chopped)

6. Fruit Salt – 2 tsp

7. Green Chilies – 1 tbsp (finely chopped)

8. Oil – 2 tsp

9. Water – 1 cup

10. Salt for taste

11. Coconut chutney for serving

The reduction are simply available. Now, follow a recipe of creation semolina pancake.

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1. Take a semolina in a play and supplement yogurt and H2O into it for soaking. Mix it well. If a reduction gets too dry, we can supplement H2O as required. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

2. Now, supplement cabbage, carrots, coriander leaves, chilies and salt into a reduction and brew it well. After mixing, supplement fruit salt and supplement a small bit some-more water. The reduction will start rising. Mix again. Add oil into a reduction to keep it soothing and brew again.

Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

3. Heat a pancake vessel and douse it with oil. You can also make pancakes on a elementary tawa if we don’t have a pancake pan.

Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

4. Now, flow a drain full of mixture. Don’t make a pancakes too big. Sprinkle oil around a pancakes. Turn them delicately but violation them.

Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

5. Again, shower oil and let it prepare good from both sides. When your pancakes turn golden brownish-red in colour, they are done.

Simple And Quick Semolina Pancake

6. Take them out into a portion image and offer with coconut chutney.

Isn’t a recipe too easy? Try it during home and send your feedback.

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