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bottle gourd dosa

Usually i make Kootu with sorakkai(Suraikai,sorekai in tamil,sorakaya in telugu,Lauki in Hindi,Bottle gourd in English).But this time for a change i tried dosa with bottle gourd as suggested by my MIL.She usually adds it while grinding rice flour dosa/verum arisi dosa or in paruppu adai to make the dosa very soft.But i added some spices along with rice bottle gourd to make a spicy,flavorful dosa like adai.My friend Shalini used to tell me about her Karam dosa recipe.So i just used those spices for grinding this batter.It came out very well with a nice color as i expected.With coconut chutney as side dish,we loved it a lot.I was very happy that i could make a spicy,yummy,flavorful dosa variety adding a healthy vegetable.Friends,if you buy bottle gourd/Sorakkai,don’t forget to try this dosa.You can enjoy it for your breakfast and dinner as well.Ok,lets see how to make bottle gourd dosa with step by step pictures.


Sorakkai dosa

Sorakkai Dosa/Bottle gourd dosa Recipe

Sorakkai Dosa/Bottle gourd dosa RecipeSpicy,soft dosa made using the central part of bottle gourd.

  • Wash and cut the bottle gourd.Scrape the outer skin and discard it.Now slit the bottle gourd into two pieces and remove the central soft,spongy part.Discard it.Chop the remaining bottle gourd into pieces and add to batter.

  • Wash and soak the idli rice for 2 hours.After 2 hours,take the big mixie jar and add the  chopped bottle gourd flesh part,red chillies,cumin seeds,hing and ginger piece.Grind it to a  smooth paste.Now add the rice draining the soaked water and required salt water.Grind it to a smooth paste.

Sorakkai dosa

    Enjoy !


Enjoy this yummy,colorful,healthy bottle gourd dosa with coconut chutney Idli podi !!

How to make bottlegourd dosa

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