Sweet Potato Wedges For Diwali: Video

Do we wish to make something disdainful on Diwali? How about this honeyed potato wedges recipe? The benevolence in a tainted break can make we go crazy over it. You will have guest on Diwali, right? Now, make your Diwali brighter and lighter with crispy and crunchy honeyed potato wedges as well.

The recipe is unequivocally really easy and we can make it within a few minutes. So, we don’t need to rubbish most time inside a kitchen and skip any of a fun function outside.

This plate is also good for Diwali since it provides a lot of energy. Diwali means lot of work. People get exhausted. A plate of these wedges can reanimate all within a minute.

So, make this on Diwali with some tantalizing salsa and suffer your festivities to a fullest. Here are a reduction and a minute recipe of a honeyed potato wedges. Have a look.

Serves – 2

Preparation Time – 10 minutes

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


1. Sweet Potatoes – 5

2. Sea salt to taste

3. Coriander Seeds – 2 tsp

4. Crushed Black Peppers to taste

5. Paprika Powder – ½ tsp

6. Olive Oil – 1/3rd cup


1. Heat a vessel and fry coriander seeds well.

Sweet Potato Wedges For Diwali: Video

2.When we see those changing colour, spin a stove off and send a seeds into a mortar. Grind it coarsely with sea salt.

Sweet Potato Wedges For Diwali: Video

3. Now, supplement paprika powder, dejected black peppers and dusty oregano. Mix it good and keep it aside. Then, cut honeyed potatoes into wedges. Transfer those wedges to a baking tray.

Sweet Potato Wedges For Diwali: Video

4. Now, shower a piquancy reduction we done earlier. Drizzle olive oil and give it a good mix. Bake it in a preheated oven during 200 grade Celsius for half an hour.

Take it out from a oven and ambience it. You can feel a crunch.

Sweet Potato Wedges For Diwali: Video

5. You can take it out into a portion play and offer hot.

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