The Yummy Parippu Payasam Recipe

During a months of Mar and April, India immerses itself into celebrations. While some regions of a nation control celebrations for welcoming a New Year formed on their internal Calendars, others have festivals that worship a collect season. Baisakhi is distinguished by a Sikh, Pana Sankranti is distinguished in Orissa and Vishu is distinguished in Kerala.

This year, Vishu is distinguished on a 14th of April. Keeping a suggestion of a gratifying deteriorate in mind, we move to we a really special recipe. When we speak about festivals of Kerala, what initial comes to a mind is a fascinating widespread of dishes served on a banana leaf.

This normal widespread of delicacies is famous as ‘Sadya’. Any Sadya is deficient but a famous payasam. Most Sadya has during slightest dual opposite kinds of payasams served. One kind is customarily done with cow’s divert as a bottom and a other is done with jaggery and coconut milk. Both of them ambience tasty and we will find it tough to collect a favourite.

Today, Payasam is done out of roughly any food item. Novel recipes that use several cereals, fruits and vegetables are mostly attempted during festivals. However, today, we move to we a normal plate that is tighten to a hearts of a foodies in South India. This sold payasam is done with apart yellow moong dal and is famous as Parippu Payasam or Pasi Parippu Payasam.

The further of jaggery and thick coconut divert creates a payasam ambience deliciously honeyed and rich. The payasam receives a tempering of ghee and chopped coconut. This lends it a celestial aroma that will perpetually sojourn in your senses.

Read on to make yourself some parippu payasam this gratifying season.


Yellow apart moong dal – ½ cup

Parippu payasam recipe

Jaggery (crushed) – 1½ cups

Parippu payasam recipe

Thick coconut divert – 2 cups

Parippu payasam recipe

Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

Parippu payasam recipe

Dried ginger powder -1/4th tsp

Parippu payasam recipe

Ghee – 2 tbsp

Parippu payasam recipe

Chopped coconut – 1 tbsp

Parippu payasam recipe

Cashewnuts – 2 tbsp

Parippu payasam recipe

Raisins – 1 tbsp

Parippu payasam recipe


  • To prepared Parippu payasam, we contingency initial keep a coconut divert ready. You might make your possess coconut divert by harsh and squeezing out grated coconut or we might use a coconut divert that is commercially available. Once we have 2 cups of thick coconut milk, take one crater of it in a apart bowl. Add one crater of plain H2O to it and stir it well. Now, we have 2 cups of skinny coconut divert and one crater of thick coconut milk.
  • In a pan, supplement a yellow apart moong dal and dry grill it until it turns golden brownish-red in colour. This should take about 2-3 mins on middle flame. On high flame, we will risk blazing a dal.
  • Remove a moong dal into a bowl. Now, send it into a sieve and rinse it underneath using water.
  • Take a vigour cooker and supplement a moong dal into it. Also supplement dual cups of H2O into a vigour cooker. Cook a dal for 5 whistles or until a dal can be simply dejected with your fingers.
  • Mash a baked moong dal with a whisk, until we get a semi-smooth paste.
  • Now, take a thick bottomed vessel and supplement a baked moong dal and a dejected jaggery. Keep stirring on middle fire until all a jaggery melts.
  • At this point, we contingency supplement a skinny coconut milk. Cook for a integrate of mins and keep stirring spasmodic to make certain that a payasam does not hang to a bottom.
  • Now, supplement cardamom powder and dry ginger powder and brew well.
  • To this, supplement a thick coconut divert and ready for another minute. Make certain that we do not scorch during this point, as a thick coconut divert might curdle. Remove a vessel from a feverishness and prepared a tempering.
  • For a tempering, take a tiny tempering pan. Add ghee to it.
  • When a ghee heats up, supplement a chopped coconut and grill it until it becomes golden and aromatic.
  • Add cashewnuts and raisins and ready compartment they are boiled too.
  • Add a tempering to a parippu payasam and stir a whole thing well.
  • Parippu payasam tastes best when consumed warm.

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